<aside> 👋 We'll be running these throughout the year (not just around the tournament season), so unless we make an announcement stating otherwise, we're ON!


If you're looking to develop your ultimate frisbee skills or break into the Bay Area Club scene, you are in the right place! We value inclusivity and improvement. Our goal is for every member to develop solid skills in ultimate that will be super valuable for any team you play for. Practices will cover important fundamentals to intermediate concepts and provide a safe space to hone those skills.

Even if you're an advanced player join us for some structured drills, fitness, or just to help build a learning community for ultimate :)

For real time announcements, updates, and social pings, join our GroupMe!

🎒 What to bring

🙌 Culture

By joining our practices you agree to:

Please do not:

In short, be nice, play hard, and learn!

❗ COVID 19

We are following BADA's guidelines for safe return to play in the context of COVID. Currently this means that fully vaccinated individuals will not have to wear masks during play. Please see more detailed guidelines here: https://bayareadisc.org/return-to-play-guidelines

🗓️ Calendar

Practice Details: Sundays, 9:30am @Rengstorff Park, Mountain View

Communications: Join our GroupMe:



<aside> ☝ Is there something specific you'd like to work on? We could work it into a practice session - Let us know using this poll.